Friday, October 29, 2010

Butterfly, Fabric Applique and Embroidery

More needle turn Applique practice and some blanket stitch. At this point I am doubling the work on myself, because I could logically use the blanket stitch for the purpose of adhering the design and decorative purposes at the same time. I need the practice.

I have to look for this pattern. It was a freebie I found somewhere and I try my best to give credit and links when I can do so. Jeepers, my bookmarks are in dreadful shape. :S I thought it was fatcat's but can't find it there, but since she is so FABULOUS I will link her anyhoo. ;)

Fat Cat Patterns

Here's one of my own designs. I am often attracted to 'tile' applique. Its when you leave some background showing between each piece and when finished it resembles a mosaic. This pattern is on my etsy, btw.