Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

Top an applique and embroidery project. Below, my lavender tree. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhiannon's Quilt

I found a gorgeous Bargello pattern by designer Becky Botello, tomake for my daughter and journal the journey here on my blog. To view the Quilt Progress only just click on the tag that reads, Rhiannon's Quilt.

The Pattern is Bargello Heart by Beck Botello. Check out her shop on Etsy, and she also has beautiful quilt videos on youtube.

I completed my fabric key at 3 am this morning. For me that is the most time-consuming, thought provoking and CRUCIAL part of beginning a quilt, besides the actual pattern. Two of the florals that pick up the purple and dark green are repeated on the opposite side of the darks resulting in 13 total fabrics in the working tubes.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Family & Friends Lap Quilts

I enjoy this size because its still easy to Free Motion the entire quilt without having to free motion sections and then put together later. The Peach-N-Pink one only needs the hand-work on the binding whipped stitched, and the other is just the top piece finished using tubes in a Bargello Style. No actual patterns used, just some 'figgerin' in my head as I cut.

Friday, August 26, 2011

English Paper Pieced Mini-Quilt

A relaxing and fulfilling way to create intricate blocks. I enjoy doing one block and binding even the smallest endeavors accomplished with this technique.

Excellent tutorial on English Paper Piecing found at Applique'n Patch Quilting:

Block pattern is on How Stuff Works where they house 640 free block patterns.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kitchen Cupboard Quilt WIP: Vase of Roses (?) and Ball Pitcher

This is my first total original block for this quilt project. The lap quilting is getting easier (well, after I stopped the bleeding) and I used Erin Russek's applique technique from her videos. Very nice. Now the fingers that aren't pricked are burned. Just kidding! Ms. Russek's videos are phenomenal. Gotta keep our sense of humor... no pain no gain and all that. This block is still being dabbled with. That little blue blob is actually one of those teensie ball pitchers that I have from my Gram.

I haven't appliqued the opening yet so I whipped up a state of the art illustration of what I have in mind. Looks better now. Sorta.

Now, I have successfully combined my two blogs into one. It took most of the day but I am pleased now that it is finally done. What a marathon. We'll talk soon, I promise. ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitchen Cupboard Quilt WIP: plate and cup, Bock three

More fun. I drew the plate (very difficult) and the cup. The beautiful flower featured in the center of the plate is from a design by Erin Russek. She has a wonderful blog called One Piece at a time. Fabulous tutorial videos on wax paper, starch & applique on Youtube too!!!

Why am I getting the feeling everyone already knew about this except me?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kitchen Cupboard Quilt WIP: Squat Teapot-Block Two

I am enjoying this wax paper technique. Tutorial. The meandering quilting is relaxing too. Uh.... how long does it take to get a callous on the under finger???? :( Decided to add a circle and a yo-yo and will add some embroidery too. I am more comfortable with that after I get a few done, or otherwise one will be more adorned than the others (probably still will anyways). Having fun!

This teapot is from Fatcat's teapot curio too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitche Cupboard Quilt, WIP. Tall Teapot-Block One

Continuing with the hand applique, but am trying wax paper on the right side of the fabric instead of the back or needle turn. Great tutorial found here on Creativity Among Chaos. Also, for the first time I am lap quilting by the block to be sewn together by machine later. This could get interesting, but hey.... gotta keep learning something new, right? I am not drawing any quilting lines either, just meandering my way through it. I am also thinking of adding some Big Stitch quilting on this one too. Whatta Rebel! :P

This block is from Fatcat's Teapot Curio.

My quilt will be in the shadow box style also, with some original blocks of my own. Eventually. :) But I fell in love with two of FC's teapots!

Monday, March 21, 2011

String Block Crib Quilt

Pictured here ready for quilting. Since its for a new niece, I opted for machine in-the-ditch quilting so as to get it done and off the WIP list. Excellent tutorial for string blocks can be found here. This particular tute uses paper as foundation (I always use muslin so as to use any old fabric that suits my fancy, like crazy quilt piecing) but has great pics and explanation! In fact this tutorial gave me the courage to make my first quilt a couple years ago. Now its one of my favorites for a 'comfort' project. :D Thanks, Ashley!

Her blog/website: Film in the Fridge

Amazing how much difference lighting makes. Outside it has more of a green tone due to the shade. The first image is closer to the true hues in this quilt. I see in this image the handwork on the binding was not yet completed, but I finished it. Scout's Honor! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Irish Crochet

I became fascinated with Irish Crochet after seeing a video by Teresa, Freeform Doily and a two part Irish Crochet series by Ira Rott.

I began compiling my endless motif bookmarks and experimented with different fillers and techniques. Sometimes I just winged them off the cuff. My collection grew slowly.

Some were rather simple and others quite elaborate. When I thought I might have enough to even ponder joining them, I scattered them on black felt five or six at a time. When I thought a few together were pleasing, I pinned them down and began trying to figure out WTH I was doing. :D The videos do a better job of explaining than I could ever do, but the key part is not to give up and flush your motifs. :P

I thought Teresa's idea of surrounding with bruges lace a great idea as a means to stop and take stock of the situation. The plan is to continue with another round of joined motifs, and when I like it, again frame with the Bruges. I am beginning to think I should have started this when I was 4. Still fascinated by it though, and if you are curious, the first image of the first level or stage of the design is 12x9 inches at the widest part. :O

Oodles of motifs done though, and if I decide to leave it relatively small there will be enough christmas ornaments to starch for the next decade. I want to incorporate motifs into my quilt blocks too, so........ never enough white motifs to go around, IMO. ;)

***~ Edited on January 6th.  Olga Krivenko is providing amazing Irish Crochet tutorials on the MyPicot Club forum. Join today for some wonderful inspiration from a master! :) ~***

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy Quilt Pillow

Another crazy quilt project, this grew up to fill a pillow's shoes. Added a bit of embellishment, but nothing like some of the works of art out there on the 'net. The Yo-yo edge was blanket stitched and then a bit of thread crochet edging. Just your basic ch3 and ss or sc. I do these yo-yos alot when I am 'watching' TV. I'll do a tutorial on them soon. Very easy but some may not know how. :D

I'll link a crazy quilt tutorial I love again, in case you missed it.
Needlework Tips and Techniques.