Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kitchen Cupboard Quilt WIP: Vase of Roses (?) and Ball Pitcher

This is my first total original block for this quilt project. The lap quilting is getting easier (well, after I stopped the bleeding) and I used Erin Russek's applique technique from her videos. Very nice. Now the fingers that aren't pricked are burned. Just kidding! Ms. Russek's videos are phenomenal. Gotta keep our sense of humor... no pain no gain and all that. This block is still being dabbled with. That little blue blob is actually one of those teensie ball pitchers that I have from my Gram.

I haven't appliqued the opening yet so I whipped up a state of the art illustration of what I have in mind. Looks better now. Sorta.

Now, I have successfully combined my two blogs into one. It took most of the day but I am pleased now that it is finally done. What a marathon. We'll talk soon, I promise. ;)