Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Irish Crochet

I became fascinated with Irish Crochet after seeing a video by Teresa, Freeform Doily and a two part Irish Crochet series by Ira Rott.

I began compiling my endless motif bookmarks and experimented with different fillers and techniques. Sometimes I just winged them off the cuff. My collection grew slowly.

Some were rather simple and others quite elaborate. When I thought I might have enough to even ponder joining them, I scattered them on black felt five or six at a time. When I thought a few together were pleasing, I pinned them down and began trying to figure out WTH I was doing. :D The videos do a better job of explaining than I could ever do, but the key part is not to give up and flush your motifs. :P

I thought Teresa's idea of surrounding with bruges lace a great idea as a means to stop and take stock of the situation. The plan is to continue with another round of joined motifs, and when I like it, again frame with the Bruges. I am beginning to think I should have started this when I was 4. Still fascinated by it though, and if you are curious, the first image of the first level or stage of the design is 12x9 inches at the widest part. :O

Oodles of motifs done though, and if I decide to leave it relatively small there will be enough christmas ornaments to starch for the next decade. I want to incorporate motifs into my quilt blocks too, so........ never enough white motifs to go around, IMO. ;)

***~ Edited on January 6th.  Olga Krivenko is providing amazing Irish Crochet tutorials on the MyPicot Club forum. Join today for some wonderful inspiration from a master! :) ~***