Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pinwheel Flowerette Crochet Applique

Here's the instructions for another Crochet Applique I have added to the "By the Sea" bodice.

Sz 10 crochet thread (bedspread weight)
Sz 7 crochet hook.
Special Stitch: triple treble cluster=
1) yo 4 times, insert hook into designated stitch, yo and pull through.
(yo pull through two loops) 4 times. (leave remainder on hook)
2) {yo 4 times, insert in SAME stitch, yo and pull through.
(yo and pull through two loops) 4 times. Leave remainder on hook)}

3)Repeat { }
yo and pull through ALL remaining loops. Cluster made.

For beginning cluster substitute step one with a chain 4.

With white chain 5, sl st to join ring.
ch 1, 12 sc in ring, sl st to join.

With yellow
sl st in front loop of first sc. ch6, (dc in next sc front loop, ch 3), repeat 11 times, sl st in third chain. Break off.

With lavendar, sl st into back loop of white sc.(from round one)
Beg tr/tr/cluster stitch, ch5 sl st in third chain from hook, ch2
{tr/tr/cluster stitch in next back loop of white sc (from round one)
ch5, sl st in third ch from hook, ch2}
Repeat { } 10 times, sl st in top of Beg cluster to join. Break off.

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  1. Thank you so much. Love the patterns. Was wondering where you got the fish from - they are so relaxing. Doris

  2. Sorry I am so long getting back, I jut learned how to track my comments. :S lol! The fish are a 'Gadget.' While signed in to your blog, click on design, and then click on 'add gadget.' They have many fun ones..... and did you know you can feed the fish? has lots of these toys. ;)

    If you click on their crochet tank, they come to eat. :D Thanks for the sweet comments, and come again soon! -Copper