Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Needle-turn Applique'

I've been working on quilt blocks the last month or so...... giving the crochet hooks a rest. :D

This was my first stab at needle-turn applique', all in all it went well and I am very satisfied with how the block came out. I used wax/freezer paper for templates and I find it very easy to draw them off, iron them on fabric and then cut out allowing quarter inch seam allowance. There are some great applique tutorials on the internet and I found this one to be very helpful. Appliqued flannel scarves would make nice gifts for the holidays wouldn't they?

note: the muslin block is just laying on the blue background for the photo and not part of the block. My work ain't that bad. :D

Also, the pattern used for this applique quilt square I can sketch up if anyone likes. I just 'winged' it and didn't really think about keeping a pattern because it was my first try. :D

PS, I did some experimenting with embroidery on this square. I liked how it came out except for the leaves with I outlined with stem stitch (:P). I love the blanket stitch the best.

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