Monday, March 21, 2011

String Block Crib Quilt

Pictured here ready for quilting. Since its for a new niece, I opted for machine in-the-ditch quilting so as to get it done and off the WIP list. Excellent tutorial for string blocks can be found here. This particular tute uses paper as foundation (I always use muslin so as to use any old fabric that suits my fancy, like crazy quilt piecing) but has great pics and explanation! In fact this tutorial gave me the courage to make my first quilt a couple years ago. Now its one of my favorites for a 'comfort' project. :D Thanks, Ashley!

Her blog/website: Film in the Fridge

Amazing how much difference lighting makes. Outside it has more of a green tone due to the shade. The first image is closer to the true hues in this quilt. I see in this image the handwork on the binding was not yet completed, but I finished it. Scout's Honor! :)

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