Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cellphone Case Free pattern

Cellphone bag, continuous spiral, use stitchmarker or count as you progress. (fits my LG)

Round 1> With two strands of yarn and ‘J’ hook, chain 9.

***at this point stop and check to see if this covers the width of your phone, if not increase or decrease as needed***

sc in 2nd chain from hook, and along length of chain. Put 2sc in the last chain, and then sc up the opposite side of the chain ending with another sc in the same chain as the first sc performed. (Total= 16sc or total for your size)

Round 2-12> sc in each sc around.

*** at this point check to see if this covers the length of your phone, if not add some more rows of ‘sc in each sc.’***

Round 13-15> sc one side of the bag (7sc if you are using my measurements), chain 1, turn (these three rounds form the flap of the bag, see image below).
Round 16> Chain 7, sl stitch into the last sc of the flap forming a loop, secure and break off.

Strap for cell bag, Two strands of yarn and J hook.

In this step you will form the strap, secure it to the bag, and finish off the sides of your flap for a neater appearance.
Step One> Chain 75 (or the length you desire).
Step 2> sc into the side of the first sc from Round 13, sc into side of sc of round 14, then in the side of sc of round 15. Continue sc over the chain 7 loop around to the other side of the flap. sc into the side of the sc of round 15, 14, then finally sc into the side of sc from round 13, including the free end of your chain 75.

Step 3> Secure and break off.

Flower for Cell Bag, joined rounds, one strand of yarn and G Hook.

Round 1>  Begin with 8 sc in a Magic Circle. slip stitch to join. Close tightly.
Round 2> chain 6 (counts as beginning dc and chain 3), dc into same stitch, chain 3, (dc, chain 3, dc, chain 3 in same stitch) 7 times. Join with slip stitch and break off.

Flower Center, continuous spiral, move stitchmarker as you progress.
Round 1> Begin with 6sc in a Magic Circle.
Round 2> 2sc in each stitch around. (Total= 12sc)
Round 3> sc in each stitch around. (Total= 12sc)
Round 4> sc DEC in each stitch. (Total= 6sc) this forms the 3-D ‘button look’ instead of just a plain flat center. Sew the button to the flower center.
Position on cell bag and secure so that the flap loop fits over flower to close bag.


The cellphone case is a featured free pattern from my Flutterbye Collection, which is now available for purchase in My Etsy shop found HERE.

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