Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Star Flower Cloche

Star Flower Cloche

Supplies for hat to fit 10"-12" head.(Larger sz see Red Type)
1) "F" Crochet Hook
2) baby weight yarn (I used Bernat Baby Coordinates, "3", lightweight)
3) long needle
4) sewing thread
4) something to measure with

Special Stitch:
Shell = 2dc ch2 2dc

1) Magic Circle,  ch3,  9dc in ring, join. (10dc)
ch3,  9dc in third chain from hook,  join.  (10 dc)
2) ch3, dc in same stitch, *2dc in nxt stitch* *repeat  *to** around to end. join. (20dc)
3) ch3, 2dc in nxt stitch, *dc in nxt stitch, 2dc in nxt stitch**  repeat *to** around to end. join. (30dc)
[color=#ee4a2d]measure around the largest part of the circle you now have, if its 1" less or the same as baby's head, proceed to Row 4.
If not big enough repeat Row 3. (45dc)[/color]
4)  ch3, dc,ch2, 2dc all in beginning stitch, *skip 2 stitches, shell in nxt stitch*** around to end and join. (the number of shells you have depends on whether you used the additional row printed in red) (10 shells or [color=#ee4a2d]15 shells)[/color]
5) sl st into ch1 space, (ch3 dc ch2 2dc) in same ch1 space. Shell in each ch1 space around, join.
6-8) Repeat Row 5.
9) sl st into ch1 space. ch3 &4dc all in same space, Shell in each ch1 space around, join. Break off.

1) ch4 and join.
2) ch2, 7hdc in ring, join.
3) ch3 & 4 dc in same starting stitch, then 5dc in each stitch around, join. (40dc)
this gives the flower petals a wavy effect. Break off.

1) ch2 and then *hdc, dc, hdc, sc**  in second chain from hook, and *to** 4 more times (all in the ring) join.

Sew star onto flower and attach to cloche.

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