Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doll or Baby Sack Hat

Doll or Baby Sack Hat.

Using Bernat Baby Coordinates and an F hook, your finished hat should fit a 10" head following the directions below. In order to enlarge your hat, lengthen your beginning chain to a bit over half the circumference you desire or use a larger size hook and/or yarn.

Yarn: Bernat Baby Coordinates (pink, a bit of aqua, and a tad of white) :D
hook: Sz "F"

With pink (or main color) ch 19, sc in second ch from hook.
Row 1) sc in each chain across until you reach the last ch, stitch a total of 3 sc in last chain.
sc in each ch up the opposite side of starting chain, 2 sc in first ch and sl st into first sc.
Total of 38 sc.

Row 2) ch1, sc in each sc across, sc in each of 3 sc in end.
sc in each sc across, sc in two sc in end, sl st into first sc of round.

Row 3-14) repeat Row 2. Break off.

Row 15) sl st with white into any sc. ch1, sc into same stitch and in each sc around.
sl st into first white sc to join.

Row 16) ch1 and sc in next stitch. (ch 3, sk one sc and sc in next stitch (sc).)
Repeat ( ) to next to last sc, ch3 and sl st into first sc to join. Break off.

Aqua: Slip Stitch between any two white sc.
Continue slip stitching between each white single crochet around to beginning and break off. This is a cute & easy decorative touch to your border. ;) I used this stitch with the wrong side facing me so that the decorative stitch would be on the right side when the hat brim was turned up. Its up to you though.

With Aqua: Ch 20, hdc in third ch from hook. Another hdc in same stitch.
3 hdc in each ch across, break off.

Make another aqua Squiggle and two white ones, you can make them longer by using a longer starting chain if you prefer.

Now cut one 12" length of pink, white and aqua. Know the end and braid until approx half an inch from the end. Knot to secure.

Repeat for a second braid for the other hat point, and tie each in a bow.

Taking a white Squiggle, an Aqua Squiggle and a bow, sew to one of the hat points, repeat on the opposite side.

Presto! Its a Sack Hat!

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