Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sugar Skull Doll, Free Pattern: Baby Doll Tri-flowered headband

For this doll headband I used sport weight yarn scraps and an 'E' hook.

1) First I measured the circumference of the doll or baby's head. In my case, I wanted a headband for my 'Shouggie' SugarSpun Skull ornament.

2) I then performed the chainless half double crochet foundation to the length I needed. I love this stitch because it gives headbands additional 'stretch' and because you don't have to guess about how many chains to do. Here is a brilliant tutorial for the Chainless Half Double Crochet Foundation.

3) I cut my yarn leaving a pretty long piece, threaded a big needle, and whipstitched the ends right sides together.

4) Using the color of your choice I chain stitched between each stitch on the top and bottom edges, BO and weave in ends.

5) I  always start my flowers with a Magic Circle. I LOVE IT. Here's the tutorial for it (I love the Crochet Geek too, can't you tell? :)): 

Starting with the magic circle ch1 and sc in the ring. ch3, [sc in the ring, ch3] 5 times, and then slip stitch in first sc. BO. Make 3 (or more if you want) and position them on your headband.

6) Thread your needle with a contrasting thread and stitch the flowers to the headband in places that looks like little veins in the leaves. BO, weave in loose4 ends and put in on your Doll. TaDa! Enjoy!

Now the Shouggie SugarSpun Skullz ornament is ready to hang out! :) The 'Shouggie' Skull Crochet pattern is now on sale in my Etsy Shop! Click on link below. :)


  1. Just wanted to let you know this pattern was featured on the AtPlay blog today.

    Thanks Megan

    1. Thank you so much Megan, I have been overwhelmed with family obligations the past year and have been away from my blog.

      I do want you to know how much I appreciated it. :)